Brett Wright, PharmD, President

Brett Wright is the founder and president of Compwell. After working with his dad to manage complications from diabetes and cirrhosis, he founded Compwell to bring those services to other patients. Brett obtained his bachelor’s degree in biology from University of Central Arkansas and his Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and he now lives in Collierville, TN, with his wife and four children. They enjoy any opportunity they have to be together outdoors hiking and camping.

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Samantha Oliver, Operations manager

Samantha obtained her Bachelor of Social Work from University of Mississippi in 2012. She has worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years, and, over the past six years, she has focused on chronic care management. Samantha resides in Nesbit, MS, with her husband. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. 

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Marsha R. Honaker-Jackson, PharmD, Director of clinical operations and client engagement

Dr. Marsha R. Honaker-Jackson received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia School of Pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998. In 1999, she completed a general pharmacy practice residency at University of Nebraska Medical Center, followed by a specialty residency in Solid Organ Transplantation and Immunology at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. After training, Dr. Honaker-Jackson remained with UTHSC for the next five years as an assistant professor for their Department of Clinical Pharmacy, as well as a clinical specialist with the Department of Transplantation. Following her time caring for transplant patients and training pharmacy, nursing and medical trainees, she worked in the area of specialty pharmacy. In her spare time, Marsha enjoys traveling, hiking and reading.  

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Ricky Echols, Vice president of business development

As an experienced pharmaceutical sales leader, Ricky has guided innovative startups to bring new products to market and accelerate business growth. Having worked for companies such as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Noven Pharmaceuticals and Radius Health, he has experience across multiple therapeutic areas and has had success expanding product reach and introducing products to new markets in an agile startup environment. Ricky’s ability to build agile teams and adjust strategies based on data and market insights has allowed him to continuously improve operations, revenue and profitability for fast-growing organizations. 

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Lynn Ward, RPM manager

Lynn is a certified whole health educator and wellness coach, specializing in chronic disease prevention and management techniques, as well as plant-rich nutrition habits. Lynn is involved in The Diabetes Wellness and Prevention Coalition in Mississippi and Tennessee and is a diabetes prevention lifestyle coach for the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program. She has a long history of helping organizations bring an emphasis to healthy living through engaging wellness initiatives and whole health programs. As a speaker, teacher and coach, Lynn guides groups and individuals to better health through lifestyle medicine and healthy habits. Outside of the office, Lynn enjoys spending time in nature, being with her family and teaching yoga.

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