What is included with Compwell Employer Services?2020-06-05T05:26:30+00:00

Compwell Employer services include:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Data stratification
  • Pharmacy spending consulting
  • Health coaching
  • Lifestyle management coaching
  • Chronic care management

All these services are tailored and customizable to your specific work environment and population. We also provide engagement strategies and comprehensive onboarding to make our services turnkey.

Do my employees have to miss work to participate in these programs?2020-06-05T05:24:50+00:00

Absolutely not! Compwell tailors its programs to your work environment. Our health coaches form personal relationships with your employees. Coaching sessions are scheduled individually, and group sessions are offered live from your employee’s smart phone or on demand.

Can Compwell help my patients/employees prevent chronic conditions?2020-06-05T05:24:29+00:00

Yes. Compwell specializes in managing not only the cost, but also the progression of chronic conditions and their related complications. We also specialize in preventing the development of such chronic conditions in the first place, which benefits companies in metrics like employee absenteeism, presenteeism, retention and engagement, and health care savings.

Can chronic care management reduce my health plan costs?2020-06-29T05:21:34+00:00

Long term, a CCM program can help reduce health plan costs through preventive measures like smoking cessation, reducing obesity and preventing costly complications associated with chronic conditions. Compwell recommends committing to a multi-year program in order to properly measure these results over time, and our experts can make a recommendation specific to your company.

How can chronic care management services benefit my clinic?2020-05-01T10:23:05+00:00

A good CCM program can decrease the workload on your nursing staff and prevent call overload by having a dedicated triage team available 24/7. It can also aid in increasing your Medicare reimbursement, which our knowledgeable staff can discuss with you regarding your specific situation.

Is chronic care management profitable for primary care clinics?2020-06-29T05:19:27+00:00

Yes, CCM can be profitable if clinics can contain the implementation costs. Partnering with Compwell ensures that program management costs remain fixed, which allows the clinic and our on-site account managers to focus on presenting the program to patients and simply continuing their own work instead of stretching to cover additional tasks.

What are the benefits of outsourcing chronic care management?2020-05-01T10:21:58+00:00

By outsourcing your CCM services, you’ll avoid the time constraints associated with hiring and training new staff and researching software or EHR compatibility with coding requirements, not to mention the ongoing management of such a program. Additionally, partnering with an established, trustworthy partner eliminates the question of program sustainability – a lack of which could jeopardize success for enrolled patients.

How can I effectively implement chronic care management services?2020-06-29T05:20:11+00:00

Implementing chronic care management requires training, documentation, time tracking, phone staff, on-call services, new billing codes, experienced care coordination staff and clinic training.

Many clinics find that partnering with Compwell is a strategic way to outsource these services, as opposed to internally taking on the entire project. Compwell makes the process easy by handling things like patient eligibility extraction, staff training, documentation and billing support.

How do I enroll patients in chronic care management without feeling like a salesperson?2020-05-01T10:21:07+00:00

Enrolling patients in CCM is much like discussing a preventive medication a patient needs. Physicians, nurse practitioners and other providers are already skilled at discussing treatment pros and cons. And providers already help patients understand what the best evidence advises to prevent negative, life-changing and expensive outcomes.

Chronic care management is no different. The evidence shows that patients who participate in CCM are better able to spend their time doing what they want to do instead of risking hospitalizations and complications related to conditions we know will progress. It helps providers have an extra set of eyes and ears between office visits.

Will enrolling in chronic care management change my Medicare coverage and/or insurance supplements?2020-05-01T10:19:51+00:00

No. Enrolling in CCM will not impact your current coverage.

Does Medicare require chronic care management?2020-05-01T10:19:10+00:00

No. It is voluntary, and you can choose when to start, stop or participate as long as you would like.

Why are there so many questions on an annual wellness visit?2020-05-01T10:18:19+00:00

Medicare sets parameters for annual wellness visits, and they provide a baseline for decline based upon age. There are also health care spending amounts surrounding each activity of daily living, so if you cannot perform them, you’re more likely to need more medical care in general. The annual wellness visits also give us a regular interval during which to ask preventive questions patients may not have considered and that no one else has asked.

How long has chronic care management been around?2020-05-01T10:17:52+00:00

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program began in 2015, so it is relatively new.

What is the difference in chronic care management and what my doctor does now?2020-05-01T10:17:27+00:00

Think about how and why you currently reach out to your doctor between appointments. Perhaps something is wrong. You might feel sick, you might need a referral or you may just need a medication refill. If you participate in a CCM program, you won’t just call when you have a problem.

CCM participants have a dedicated care coordinator. He or she knows you and your needs. Each month, the care coordinator checks on your conditions and monitors for any indicators that warrant a closer look. Coordinators make sure you have medication refills before you run out. And instead of waiting for major symptoms or complications, they’ll get you a doctor’s appointment as soon as they detect an issue.

What are the benefits of chronic care management?2020-05-01T10:16:43+00:00

Studies have shown that patients who participate in a chronic care management program are less likely to be hospitalized, and they can reduce their overall health spending.

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