Almost every week, a new diet trend is hitting the health food headlines – making “diet culture” a confusing and frustrating concept for many people. There is, however, one diet plan that has consistently proven its effectiveness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more – a plant-rich diet. But why? Below, we break down what it means to eat a plant-rich diet and discuss the ways it can help you conquer your long-term health goals. 

Supports your immune system 

The essential nutrients found in plants contain vitamins and minerals that keep your cells healthy, which leads to a strong and functioning immune system. When your body receives the nutrients to fight off infection, your immune system is strengthened to protect you against more aggressive germs and microorganisms. Your body learns how to recognize and attack these intruders before they can progress into a chronic disease.  

Reduces inflammation 

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection. It’s very common for toxins, such as pollution, processed food, bacteria and viruses, to enter your body and cause inflammation. Nutrients found in plant-rich food act as a neutralizer for these toxins. Inflammation left unattended to can damage your body’s cells and tissue, leading to the possibility of developing cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Plant-rich foods can serve as a protector!  

Helps you maintain a healthy weight 

Everyone’s weight journey looks different – but what doesn’t differ is the human body’s need for the same essential nutrients. A diet that’s high in saturated and trans fats, sodium and processed meat puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to health and longevity, while a diet that promotes whole foods and plant-rich ingredients has the opposite effect. Excess weight can cause inflammation, which increases the risk of chronic illness, but with a plant-rich diet, you remove many of the foods that lead to excessive weight gain. 

One of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your health and prevent chronic diseases is to move to a plant-rich diet. If patients are struggling with where to begin, our team is here to guide them every step of the way. Our services achieve meaningful health results by encompassing what is important to the patient – including lifestyle, goals and motivations – while employing the very latest evidence-based clinical guidelines to drive decisions. Are you interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today.