Chronic care management: What is it?

Chronic care management (CCM) made its debut in 2015 when it was launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The introduction of CCM led to a more efficient means of care teams proactively engaging and managing patients with problematic chronic diseases, while enhancing outcomes and reducing treatment costs.

At Compwell, our priority is catching small problems before they become big problems, and we are proud to offer a full suite of chronic care wellness services to both health systems and corporate clients. Below, we break down the ins and outs of this service.

What is chronic care management (CCM)? 

CCM is the monitoring and management of chronic conditions – outside of regular doctor’s office visits. CCM tends to be geared toward individuals with one or more chronic conditions that will last for longer periods of time, including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Such conditions require follow ups, possible hospitalizations and procedures. 

Our team at Compwell helps you identify areas to slow progression of chronic conditions and prevent complications. How? Your personal care coach spends 20 minutes with you each month, at your convenience, to evaluate how you’re feeling that month; review your blood pressure or blood sugar readings; make sure your specialist visit notes are part of your primary care provider’s (PCP) chart; and, most importantly, ensure your health is where you want it to be. Your care coach may help you set goals related to healthy eating, increasing activity, managing stress, prescribing medications – all while helping you stay motivated along the way! 

What are the benefits of CCM?

CCM has benefits not only for the patient – but for the health care system as a whole. It offers proactive management of chronic illnesses, medication adherence and self-monitoring. One might see improvement in blood sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as decreased hospitalization rates. An improved quality of life can be expected, and there will be less time spent coordinating multiple provider visits. 

How does Compwell help clinics implement CCM?

Primary care physicians are in the trenches every day helping patients with acute and chronic conditions – all while being held to metrics that impact reimbursement. A PCP’s driving motivation is to prevent health problems and manage chronic conditions – Compwell offers the best available evidence to help them achieve this. We handle the documentation and CCM; communicate care plans; and tackle patient data and problems seamlessly with our provider mobile app.

CCM’s benefits are numerous. The capability to take your health care journey into your own hands from your home is priceless. Compwell is dedicated to providing the best CCM for an improved quality of life for its patients. Are you interested in learning more about partnering with Compwell? Contact us today.